Retails Strategy
  • Flavio Dal Lago

    Jewellery and Watches Retail Managing Director at Bulgari SPA

    Tim has proved great professionalism, committment and focus on targets. He accomplished well his key task of finalising the set up of some Joint Ventures in the region while ensuring the appropriate focus on the ordinary Operations in the Region. It has been a true pleasure working with him during the year that Tim spent in Bulgari. January 10, 2014, Flavio managed Tim indirectly at Bulgari
  • Costanzo Rapone

    Responsabile Affari Legali e Societari presso Bulgari

    Tim has proved to be an excellent manager and organizer coordinating various functions and tasks in the establishment of JV companies in the Gulf area. His attitude in connection with the management of legal and negotiating issues has been always that of awareness, understanding and responsible pro active approach in finding the right solution properly balancing the various interests at stake. November 21, 2013, Costanzo worked directly with Tim at Bulgari
  • Jim Ragas

    President, Second Cup International at The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc.

    Tim is a strategic thinker who plain and simple gets the job done. It is always a pleasure to exchange ideas with Tim. We were very proud to work very closely with Tim these past few years to create a successful business partnership. I found Tim to be creative, a strong leader and a person who inspred his team to do better. August 2, 2012, Jim was with another company when working with Tim at Bin Hendi Enterprises LLC
  • Gary Lindberg

    Director of International Business Development at Caplugs

    Tim brings a no-nonsense approach to team management. His experience in building retail and F&B businesses in a variety of international markets will well serve anyone looking for a leader to build an existing or startup business. July 8, 2012, Gary was with another company when working with Tim at Bin Hendi Enterprises LLC
  • Patrik Hoffmann

    CEO at Ulysse Nardin

    I met Tim for the first time about 1 1/2 years ago when he joined Bin Hendi Enterprises in Dubai. My colleagues and I enjoyed working with Tim over the last 1 1/2 years as he was detail oriented and never dropped the ball. He always knew where to set the priorities and how to guide his staff into the right direction. He understood the concept and philosophy of our brand immediately, made sure to implement the corporate concept in Dubai, while adapting them to the needs of the local market. I truly hope our business paths will cross again. Patrik Hoffmann, CEO, Ulysse Nardin. June 12, 2012, Patrik was with another company when working with Tim at Bin Hendi Enterprises LLC
  • Marco Galli

    Brioni Global Wholesale & Franchise Sale Director at Kering - Luxury Goods International (LGI)

    I have worked with Tim during his entire time as the Group COO of Bin Hendi, and during this time it was very apparent that Tim has a very clear understanding of not just luxury retailing, but also the importance of building a strong long term relationship with brand partners and stakeholders based on what he promises will be achieved is achieved, and on time. He is commercially very astute, and is able to think tactically and strategically, whilst at the same time ensuring the customer facing operations are always in continuous improvement whether by process or people. June 7, 2012, Marco was a consultant or contractor to Tim at Bin Hendi Enterprises LLC
  • Francois GANES

    General Manager Middle & India at FENDI

    I am honored to recommend Mr Fagan whom I have had the pleasure to work with as business partner in our Kuwait JV for few years. Tim has always shown great support and facilitated all our actions with local entities at all levels. We could not have reached such results without his help and cooperation. Tim is an expert in retail and his advises were very precious for the day to day running of our operations. Francois GANES June 12, 2012, Francois was with another company when working with Tim at Villa Moda International
  • Mohammad El EtriS

    Head of Retail Operations, Majid Al Futtaim Fashion

    It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Tim Fagan, to whom I’ve reported for almost two years in the position of General Manager, Bahrain. Tim is first and foremost a Strategic thinker and a great leader, His search always reach beyond the current boundaries of the business and challenge current beliefs and mindsets to ensure full productivity of his team as well as himself. His positive and leading attitude has impacted everyone he interacted with, and driven me as well as the rest of the team to business dedication and great achievement. It was a great learning for me to report to Tim, and I believe that a company who will have a Leader like Tim is simply a successful one. June 1, 2012, Mohammad reported to Tim at Villa Moda International
  • Janice Proctor


    Tim is a very sales focused director with high standards of business practice from the shop floor to the board room. He is a great people person and has the abilty to communicate and motivate at all levels. Through my time working for him, I gained a huge amount of experience in the Retail sector June 22, 2012, Janice reported to Tim at Royal Doulton plc
  • Vikas Pahuja

    Commercial Leader at Philips Lighting

    Chetna is one of the most pleasing personalities you would ever come across in marketing fraternity. Chetna deep dives into the subject and has great eye to detail. She is result oriented and clearly sets the objectives of each activity that she undertakes. An effective communicator and even better listener. September 9, 2014, Vikas was with another company when working with Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Sheena Khan

    Sustainability Professional

    In the two plus years that I worked with Chetna at The Change Initiative, her energy, authenticity and enthusiasm towards her role was infectious. Her 'lets get it done' attitude was highly valuable to the start-up culture and I would highly recommend her to any hiring manager looking for a dynamic and highly dedicated team player. August 31, 2014, Sheena worked with Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Samar Korban

    Shopper & Retail Marketing Professional

    Chetna is full of enthusiasm and positive energy, two characteristics that makes you love working with her as you are sure the outcome will move the projects forward and in a very constructive way. As a Marketing & Communications professional, Chetna has a unique approach to the projects as she is also much exposed to the latest trends in communication, social, PR and technology, which adds constantly value and a fresh perspective to every task. I would definitely love working with Chetna again. August 24, 2014, Samar was a consultant or contractor to Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Ryan Noronha

    Mainstage Music & Events

    Chetna is a fun person to work with, she is very vibrant and an excellent PR professional. She was instrumental in putting The Change Initiative on the UAE map and made sure the company stayed in the news. She works smart and is a great person to have around. August 21, 2014, Ryan worked directly with Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Niyati Priyam

    Digital Marketing Manager at VLCC International

    Focused, dedicated and determined - Chetna comes across as a headstrong leader. When she is not busy addressing media queries, she can be seen thinking of "what next" could be done in terms of marketing initiatives. From "what events can we do" to "what news could be picked up" to "would this design look good?", Chetna can be seen answering questions and adding life to our daily office chores. I love working with her and see her as a mentor. All the best and do well! August 18, 2013, Niyati worked indirectly for Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Shradha Chabria lulla

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

    Chetna is a detail oriented person, who puts in the extra effort to achieve over the expected results. Working for a start up brand and knowing our challenges Chetna was able to give the brand a platform not only to be noticed but appreciated in the middle east markets. It’s been a pleasure to work with her. July 21, 2013, Shradha worked directly with Chetna at The Change Initiative, Dubai
  • Gustavo de Domingo Sanz

    Project Engineer Wind Energy in ILF-Tecon & Partners Consulting Engineers PSC

    Once you meet Edurne your clearly understand why she is such a vocational professional. With her charm, charisma and enviable career path this skillful cosmopolitan world denizen always focuses on the important facts that really make the difference. Not only is she team worker, but also proactive and committed; a precious resource for any company. November 15, 2014, Gustavo de was Edurne's client
  • Tatiana Antonelli Abella

    Owner & Managing Director - GOUMBOOK

    Until just recently, Edurne has been working for Goumbook as our Sustainability Advisor. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and valuable knowledge. Edurne is a very sensible person and I was pleased to see that even if she has spent just a few months working with us, she was able to analyze our strengths and weaknesses: Goumbook was born to be a responsible and sustainable business and Edurne made able to reinforce these aspects. Therefore, I highly recommend Edurne: she is able to bring knowledgeable content and communicate the benefits. October 13, 2012, Tatiana managed Edurne at Goumbook FZ LLC
  • Mindy Byrns O'Brien

    Coordinator at Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment

    I was a board member and chairman of VOICE when Edurne was the Coordinator of Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment. Edurne was very knowledgeable in the environmental arena and was instrumental in introducing two new key concepts to VOICE's agenda. She identified the production, shipment, consumption patterns and waste of food as an important environmental issue both as it impacted climate change and the use of natural resources. VOICE continues this campaign, which has extended primarily to efforts to reduce food waste. She also pursued the issue of water use to educate individuals on their 'water footprint'. Your water footprint is not only represented by the direct water we use in cooking, cleaning, etc, but it is also calculated through our consumption of products with imbedded water, such as cotton T-shirts, coffee, meat and other consumables. Thanks to her foresight, VOICE has continued its work on these topics at a national level, which has had a positive impact on VOICE's positioning among other environmental groups. Edurne has a wonderful grasp of languages as she speaks numerous languages fluently. She would be a great asset to any organisation. September 5, 2012, Mindy managed Edurne at VOICE of Irish Concern for the Environment
  • Frederick Warzee

    Senior Advisor - Internal and External Communication / Sustainability chez DETIC asbl vzw

    It was a real pleasure to work with Edurne. I have particularly appreciated her competences in science and editorial writing, as well as the commitment with which she managed projects. Her open mindset, pragmatic thinking, listening skills and her natural friendliness have greatly facilitated the relationship between our respective organisations. February 23, 2012, Frederick was with another company when working with Edurne at Ecoconso
  • Ann Wulf

    Communications Manager at écoconso

    It has been a pleasure working with Edurne for 4 years. We especially collaborated on waste prevention and reuse campaigns, on a green procurement project and on raising awareness about indoor pollution. Her scientific background allows her to manage various environmental data in a snap and she understands well the key issues of a subject for all stakeholders. Her communication and writing skills have proven very uselful to popularize informations through diverse media (web articles, printed brochures, press relations, networking meetings…). Her overview of environnemental topics, her pragmatic approach and her positive attitude towards both work and people definitely make her an asset for any organization working on responsible consumption or related fields. March 2, 2012, Ann worked directly with Edurne at Ecoconso



Managing Director

UAE +971567141491

Tim is a senior business leader with 30 years experience in retail, working in fast moving, single and multi site environments within both national and international organisations. He has worked very successfully within the GCC/MENA region since 2006; firstly in Kuwait and then for the last four years in Dubai. Tim has worked for the LVMH Group brand Bvlgari establishing JV companies in Kuwait and Bahrain, was appointed as Group Chief Operating Officer of Bin Hendi Enterprises in 2010 , and started working in the Middle East when appointed as CEO of Villa Moda based in Kuwait in 2006 . As a result he has extensive experience of directly managing significant retail operations throughout MENA and leading demanding transformation and change programmes, as well as start up and JV operations.
In 2013, Tim established his own company specialising in commercial consultancy, and brand and franchise development within the MENA.
Before moving to the Middle East, Tim worked for House of Fraser, Estee Lauder, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer.
Tim believes very strongly that understanding that people, and your relationship with them, are what make great things possible



UAE +971529802333

As an accomplished marketing professional with over 13 years of broad cross-industry experience in the Middle East & India, Chetna has a proven ability to identify weaknesses in marketing strategies, design goal oriented and creative strategies and lead complex marketing projects. Her expertise includes brand development, public relations, social media strategy, in-market brand activation and events. Chetna’s accomplishments include spearheading the Marketing & Public Relations strategy for The Change Initiative, the popular Dubai-based start-up providing sustainable solutions to both B2B and B2C markets. Chetna developed the 360-degree brand identity from scratch by working with countless stakeholders. She has held senior positions at Arabian Radio Network, The Times of India Group, and Reuters. In her spare time Chetna loves to read and write. She is the co-author of the coffee-table sustainability book, ‘Alive’.



UAE +971551527550

Edurne has been an advocate of sustainable practices and responsible consumerism for more than 10 years. She has been promoting an understanding of the value of sustainability among different stakeholders in public, private and non-profit sectors, creating long lasting impacts through programs, policy-making and lobbying across Europe. In Dubai, she has focused on the retail environment, influencing a shift toward more sustainable industry practices and products. She considers herself a “change enabler”, who is most fulfilled when sharing insights and nurturing trust. Edurne knows that transformation is only possible through fostering awareness and trust-based relationships. She is an active member of the CSR community and a certified CSR Professional. In the public arena, Edurne has contributed to a number of international and national publications, from renowned The Environmentalist, and specialized magazines in Green Buildings, to newspapers.