Retails Strategy

Business Transformation

At Open Doors Consulting, we have a tailored turnaround approach specifically for the SME sector. The aim of our turnaround team is to work collaboratively with the existing management team, lenders, stakeholders and investors to review and restructure companies to ensure the best strategy for the turnaround of a struggling business. 

Turnaround services will involve an investigation of current business performance, development of a recovery strategy - either financial, operational or both - and support in the implementation of the agreed strategy.

  • Performance review- Our team will work with management to review the financial performance of the business together with an operational overview. The objective is to identify critical problem areas and begin the process of identifying the possible solutions.
  • Recovery strategy- We work collaboratively with the management team, lenders, investors and other stakeholders to develop a robust recovery strategy as a roadmap for achieving sustainable recovery of the business. We bring considerable expertise and industry knowledge to creating a joint solution to the issues identified. In instances where the financial information is limited or incomplete, we will work to improve financial recording and reporting to assist with our on-going analysis. 
  • Implementation- We will provide on-the-ground support, as necessary, to ensure implementation of the restructuring strategy. In certain instances, this may involve the introduction of an interim manager to supplement and support the existing management team for a period of time. We will also assist the management team in negotiations with lenders, creditors, stakeholders and investors to obtain their agreement and support to the restructuring strategy.  Where required, we will provide a bespoke solution to assist the management in overcoming identified immediate cash flow shortages and obtaining medium to long-term finance, including capital raising, bank facilities, asset finance and invoice discounting.
  • Performance improvement- Where the existing management team, lenders or investors are of the view that the business requires external input to optimise the financial performance, we can provide assistance.  We can plan and support the implementation and the financial strategy to improve revenue and margins and reduce the costs.
  • Specialist solutions- When required, our experienced team can provide advice and support to the management team, lenders, investors and stakeholders regarding the following solutions
  • Accelerated disposal- We can provide planning, support and implementation of an accelerated disposal of all or part of the business.
  • Solvent liquidations- We can also implement the disposal of unwanted or redundant businesses using tax efficient methods to return value to shareholders.